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Update from Chris Cobb

Hi all,

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve now finalised the list of speakers for my free seminar which is taking place in London on the weekend of April 9-10.

This event is going to be incredibly rewarding for those of you who attend, I promise you that.

As well as yours truly, Chris Cobb(!), we’ve got Shaqir Hussyin, Simon Coulson, Steven Essa, Cindy Battye, Soren Jordansen, Mili Ponce, Paul O’Mahoney, Raymond Aaron, Kenny Goodman, Lee McIntyre, Stuart Ross AND Daniel Wagner…


And they’ll be revealing all the secrets behind their incredible business models that are netting them six, and in some cases, even SEVEN-FIGURE annual profits…

Each and every one of these speakers have made millions of pounds online, using easy-to-copy techniques which they’re going to be revealing during the course of the weekend!

Yep, you’re going to find out EXACTLY how they do it!

So be sure to bring a pen and notepad, because I can assure you, you’ll be wanting to write this stuff down!

There will also be an opportunity to buy into some of their proven money-making systems, giving you the chance to work alongside these millionaires and follow their lead, every step of the way…

Joint venturing with millionaires? You really can’t get better than that!

And that’s not all…

One lucky person will also receive a very nice surprise at the end of the weekend! Because on the Saturday morning, each attendee will have been automatically entered into a free prize draw… to win my ENTIRE ClickBank earnings over the weekend!!
That could be anything from £1000, £3000 or even as much as £5000. Who knows!

At the time of writing we still have a few seats left, so if you’d like to attend this event and be in with a chance of netting my Clickbank earnings, as well as learn from some of the biggest names in the industry, completely FREE, then please send an email to Sophie at

Looking forward to seeing you there…

Best Wishes,
Chris Cobb

My next event will take place in London on the weekend of April 9/10th. I’ve got some absolutely fantastic speakers lined up for this one, but I’m unable to release the names just yet as I’m still finalising the details!!
However, you can be sure that the weekend will be a real eye-opener…
Trust me on that one!
For more information on this, check back to this site regularly and look out in your inbox!
Best Wishes,
Chris Cobb

Chris Cobb’s Automated Income Stream Seminar

June 5-6 2010 at the Olympia Conference Centre, Kensington, London.

“What is it exactly that the big players in the internet marketing industry are doing that enables them to experience so much success and rake in 6-figure sums each and every month, while I’m struggling to make even one sale?”

That’s the question that many people were asking before they attended my Automated Income Stream Seminar in Kensington, London, back in June 2010.

But after listening to the amazing stories of 4 young entrepreneurs that I’d lined up to speak at the event, it all became clear for the 400 + attendees!

Attendee Testimonial #1

“I can’t thank you enough for the invitation to the event and if anyone is reading this and wondering if a ‘Chris Cobb Event’ is worth going to … the answer is YES!” Gary Aiken

So besides myself, who were the 4 other speakers who wowed our audience back in June?!

Mili Ponce – The Twitter Queen!

In 2000 Mili came to the UK to study. She worked selling Hot Dogs at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea and also 12 hour shifts in an “Off Licence” in Belsize Park. But as recently as April 2009, Mili decided to make a change in her life! And thanks to the internet she made her first $500 in just 3 weeks, and an income of $10,000 per month after only 6 months online!

Shortly after that, Mili became a full-time internet marketer, social media expert, coach and product creator… known all over the internet as “The Twitter Queen!” And in this seminar, she told everyone exactly how she did…

Thomas Miller – The 6-Figure Social Network Marketing Guru!

Thomas Miller is a rising prodigy – A true social media rock star. He raked in $32,000 in JUST ONE MONTH, from Twitter alone… and then began applying those same techniques to make insane amounts of money from Facebook!

At the Automated Income Stream Seminar, Thomas explained the secrets behind his 6-figure income and the cutting edge techniques that he used. He also showed the attendees how to get massive amounts of traffic to any website they chose, using NOTHING but Facebook.

Attendee Testimonial

 “What a great weekend. I too had almost all the pieces of the jigsaw… Now I have enough to get going on Clickbank. THANK YOU everyone, especially Chris”. Ann Fieldhouse

Stuart Ross – The High Ticket Product King!

Before signing Stuart up to speak at my event, I had been watching his progress for a while, and his story was truly inspirational! From working 70 + hours a week as an estate agent and having virtually no computer skills, Stuart transformed himself into a highly successful internet entrepreneur in record time…

The staggering fact is that Stuart made over $450,000 in his very first year online…

And after signing up to Stuart’s courses at my event, many of his new students have now started to make money online too!

Saj P – The #1 CPA Affiliate Marketing Grand Master!

The 4th speaker at my event, Saj Purkayastha (or Saj P for short), was, and still is, a 7-figure per year, 7-time Clickbank #1 best-seller, international speaker and CPA affiliate marketing expert…

In fact, Saj’s success in the field of CPA is so huge that his account at one of the CPA networks was recently shut down because the network’s owner assumed that he must have been doing something illegal in order to be raking in so much money!

Saj’s knowledge of ClickBank is equally incredible, so much so that when I entered the ClickBank marketplace for the first time back in 2007, Saj helped me make over $300,000 with my VERY FIRST product launch!

One of the most popular and energetic speakers around, Saj was a huge success at my Automated Income Stream Seminar.

And finally…

Chris Cobb – The Traffic Generation Expert!

When I first started out online, I was a whopping £43,000 in debt!

However, in just a few short years, I managed to turn my life around, to such as an extent that I now pull in 6-figure sums each and every month. During this seminar back in June 2010, I spoke about list building, CPA marketing and traffic generation, in particular, and I was incredibly proud to get so much positive feedback from attendees, who all thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.

Attendee Testimonial

“A valuable seminar with clear, concise information coming from experienced marketers who have been there and done it. A lot to take on for anyone new but if you focus on just one thing to begin with, listen, learn and most importantly, APPLY, then anything is possible. Thank you Chris, Saj, Stuart, Tom and Mili!! Great work. Look out for the next event people”. Asim Waheed

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